Ideation is the act of coming up with ideas that might solve a problem. I wanted to learn more about ideation methods that UX designers can use when they design alone, so I wrote a book about it.

There are many books about facilitating ideation in pairs or groups, and they do a much better job than I could. You'll find no pair or group methods in this book. However, if you find yourself in a group ideation session, many of the mindsets and methods listed here will be helpful.

This book does not focus on methods for understanding a problem better - it assumes you already understand the problem well.

Some methods were excluded because they were either too complicated, impractical, or they were not as useful for software design as they were for other types of problem solving.

The book is split into two parts: Mindsets and methods. Mindsets are ways to think about creativity and ideation, and will take some time to adopt. Methods are practical processes you can follow to come up with ideas. Each method includes an example so you can see how it might be used in practice.

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