Examples of my visual design exploration

I recorded this video to show the visual design process a version of this portfolio went through

And here is an assortment of visual design explorations

The web platform I work on does not have a mobile app. I designed one for practice.

I wanted to see how much variety you can get with just black and white, for a container on a landing page.

I like to play with different container styles, using subtle colours.

I had a bit of a love affair with Garamond-style typefaces, so I look for excuses to use them.

Another use of Garamond, but I also wanted to explore this grid-of-squares effect.

More container styles, this time even more subtle.

I wanted to design a playful but information-dense mobile layout.

Inspired by the table of contents in an Eric Gill book. Constraints are fun.

I imagined the mobile website of the Guardian website in the style of a newspaper.

I played with the recent trend of hero section that put the title above the imagery.

I made this for an interview design task.

I applied a fresh coat of paint to a screen in the Splitwise app.